First Billionaire Rapper - West Coast King - @YourMusicFree .com

Fa real doh, my sexy lil mama lady’s like “Babe check this out…”

Tyrese: “The Forbes list just changed! It came out like two weeks ago. They need to update the Forbes list. Sh-t just changed!”

Dr. Dre: “In a big way! Understand that! The first billionaire of Hip-Hop. Right here, from the motherf-ckin’ West Coast!

"… please, you’d have to swing up to hit me the knees!"

BOOM. Search for it. Read about it.

…the latest publicity move by a Giant? The Game’s beef with 50, Dre’s beef with Pac? Em beefin with (take your pick)? 50 Beefin? Dre n JD beefin?

Yo, beef sells and raises awareness. How do you reach someone emotionally from another place who will forever put their own hood first and never give a f*** about no other place… unless you make them hear your name on the radio or in the news, beefin with your favorite rapper?

Happy giggin ya’ll,


*Improper spelling and grammar intended to be used as a phonetic reading aid


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Editor’s Note: The Information Renaissance

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Editor’s Note: The Information Renaissance

It has been a great while since I have dropped some content. I have been managing my personal and family life an addition to rebuilding the foundation of my existence.

That said, the time has come! Tell your friends about TFJ’s page!

The best way to communicate with me is probably with a picture comment on Instagram where I post photos and graphics with links to what is happening. @YourMusicFree. I post pics there that bounce out to facebook, flickr, and twitter. If you throw an interesting subject line on it, I may see your email to

Yo Microsoft, I think when facebook bought out Instagram for a billion with a “B” (haven’t you seen The Internship? Hello?) it should probably be entered into your spellcheck programing. Have Samsung and Google set the bar too high for you? Get with it!

How about Dr. Dre selling Beats Music to Apple for Billions of dollars?! Returning the crown for hip hop’s highest earner in the world back to the west coast! It was Jay-Z and Live Nation holding the previous top spot with the Roc Nation deal.

This is the age of information. The age of here and now. The age of immediate answers to life’s complete array of questions and inquiries. The Information Renaissance.

Justin Douglass Stevenson